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Blackbourne Team Ministry

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Blackbourne Team Ministry
Blackbourne Team Ministry



Highlights this week

Sunday 13th June Services

  • 8am BCP Holy Communion on Facebook

  • 10am Communion Ingham

  • 10am Communion Ixworth and on Facebook

  • 10am Communion Bardwell

  • 11am Service for the Vintage Car Rally Euston

Services in Church

In holding services in church, we are following detailed guidance from UK Government and the Church of England.

Our Team is currently holding 'in person' Sunday services in some of our churches: Ixworth (weekly at 10am), Great Livermere and Ingham (monthly at 10am).  Barnham, Bardwell and Honington are just beginning to hold them too.  Please refer to the Blackbourne Bulletin (above right) for information on this Sunday's services.

Masks must be worn, hands sanitised and 2 metre social distancing must be observed.  People are encouraged not to chat in the church or churchyard, but to return home as soon as possible after the service.

Church of England Guidance

We seek to be

Welcoming churches

Where all God’s children can find a home.

All Age churches

Where we are committed to making everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, feel welcome.

Praying churches

Where individual and corporate prayer is a priority.

Preaching and teaching Churches

Where God's word brings us to a closer relationship with Jesus.

praise and worship Churches

Where we bring people of all ages into the presence of God (using contemporary and traditional styles).

Compassionate and Caring Churches

Where we seek to minister to and care for the needs of those in our church and community.

Witnessing churches

Where our life and actions reflect the new life we have found in Jesus.