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Karen Burton – Team Rector 

Karen trained for ministry on the Eastern Regional Ministry Course and was ordained in June 2016.


Karen worked in the NHS before training for ministry and worked part-time in Barnham Primary School as SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) Mentor during her curacy.  

She was a Curate with the Lark Valley and North Bury Team.


She lives in Ixworth with her husband and children.


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Tel no. 07546 491388

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If you would like to arrange a christening, confirmation, wedding, funeral or a visit, please contact Karen
Tel: 07546 491388
Associate Priest -
Tony Redman

Tony was ordained SSM priest in 2004 and has been a member of the ministry team in this benefice since 2006. He serves as the Bishops' advisor for self-supporting ministry, assistant Rural Dean for Ixworth and Assistant DDO.  

He is a semi-retired historic buildings consultant, a member of the DAC for Norwich Diocese, and also serves on the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Anglican/Romanian Orthodox consultative committee. 

Tony is a wonderful artist (look out for his exhibitions!).  He lives in Great Livermere with his wife and a small flock of geese.


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Tel no. 01359 269335

Lesley Norburn - 

Lesley has been licensed as a Reader in the Blackbourne Team since Oct 1998 and having trained on the Bishop’s Auxiliary Ordination Pathway was ordained Deacon on Saturday 29th June 2019.

She will be on a one year placement in Brandon before being ordained priest in 2020. 

She works full time as a Business Change Specialist in the NHS, and lives in Great Livermere with her family - husband Andrew and daughter Harriet.   

She also serves as a Bury Town Pastor.


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Frances Brown -
Lay Pioneer Minister
Sally Fogden -
PTO Priest  

Frances was licensed as a Reader in 2011 and in September 2018 was licensed as a Pioneer Minister.  She is looking forward to working across the whole benefice, enabling new initiatives with those who do not usually come to church.  

She runs Ixworth Messy Church and is a Governor at Ixworth and Bardwell Primary Schools, amongst many other things!

She has lived in Ixworth for 6 years,  prior to that she lived in Pakenham (3miles from Ixworth) for 30 years where she served as a Lay Elder.

Frances enjoys gardening, volunteers for Bury Theatre Royal and tries her hand at drawing and painting.  Most of all she enjoys life.

Contact details

Tel no: 01359 230615 

Sally was one of the first women to be ordained as a priest.  She has a passion for rural ministry, becoming the Agricultural Chaplain for the Diocese.  She helped to set up the award-winning Rural Coffee Caravan which travels around Suffolk bringing people together.

She lives in Sapiston with her husband.


Contact details

Tel no: 01359 268923 or 07860 101980

Sue Nutt -
PTO Priest  

Sue was a Reader for 10 years before joining the local training scheme run by the Diocesan Ministry Course in 1996.  She was priested in 2000 to serve the people of the Blackbourne Team and particularly in Barnham where she lives.  


Sue worked for the NHS.  She is now retired and lives in Barnham. She has three married children and nine gorgeous grandchildren.


Contact details

Tel No: 01842 890409                      

Margaret Hartley -
PTO Reader
Jill Walker  -
PTO Priest

Jill has lived most of her life in Ixworth, recently moving to neighbouring Walsham Le Willows.  She is still, however, very much a part of life in the Team!

She is also a Cathedral Children's Guide and involved with the Children's work at the Cathedral Discovery Centre.


Contact details

Tel no: 07734 008968 

Frances Fernyhough - Lay Elder

Margaret is a retired Reader with PTO from the Bishop.  She leads services, preaches, leads study groups locally and supports people pastorally.

She is married to Jim and they live in Great Livermere


Contact details  

Tel no. 01359 269487 

Frances is a Lay Elder and lives in Ixworth.  She leads services across the Team and is particularly fond of BCP.


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Tel no: 01359 231568

Jim Hartley - 
Lay Elder

Jim is a Lay Elder who leads Cafe Church.  He is also a School Governor at Ixworth Primary School.

He lives with his wife Margaret in Great Livermere.


Contact details


Tel no: 01359 269487


Dinkie Williamson - 
Lay Elder

Dinkie is a Lay Elder and lives in Bardwell.  She is a Governor at Bardwell Primary School.

Dinkie leads services in Bardwell and Messy Church too.

Contact details

Tel no: 01359 251416

Peter Keast - Lay Elder

Peter is a Lay Elder living in Barnham, where he helps to lead services.


Contact details

Tel no: 08142 890330 or 07794 472 965

Edward Wortley - Lay Elder

Edward is a Lay Elder who leads services across the parish.  


He also works in Euston as the Archivist for Euston Estate.


Contact details

Tel no: 01842 752224

John Wrigglesworth - Lay Elder

John is a Lay Elder who works across the combined parish of Ingham, Ampton and Livermere.  He is a champion and chief cook of the Men's Breakfast.  

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Tel no: 07722 022896  

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